´s business plan is based on the pro-dater.
Ladies possibly forced to write to every man that writes to her
and the men encouraged to write to more than one lady. The men are under the impression that the site is for marriage purposes but we are not sure what the ladies think the purpose of the site is - maybe just pen pal or chat but not for marriage!
this article will define pro-dating - Совет / Advice
We have been advised that is planning a class action together with a Kiev lawyer against and that the tax authorities are interested - Please Help Ukraine

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Australian exposes on Delphi. Julia or Stefani Reiner from Sumy

Австралийское выставляет на Delphi. Lenusik Сомова или Лена Smiya от Zaporozhyie?

 Here a non-exhaustive list of girls that i found, you will notice that they use a fake name on

Anastasia Ostapovich (PrettyNasya) on Twitter

The latest from Anastasia Ostapovich (@PrettyNasya). Россия,Омск.
Julia from Sumy
become Stefani Reiner (not sure if she has a boyfriend)
Jane from Sumy
become Evgenia Dyuzhenko (has a boyfriend)

Halya from Ivanofrankovsk
become Galya Guzilyak (has a boyfriend)

Lenusik (photo removed at the request of the victim from Holland)
 Lenusik (Somova on id: 124492) from zaporozhyie (my favourite lol)
become Lena Smiya (has a boyfriend)

also see

Dating scammer Lena Smian

This news has destroyed a person writing to her, especially after´s Olia Simina assured him that they were a legitimate agency (see below). There are many other victims. If the agency lie about their ladies names ask yourself what else do they lie about? (We are advised that this lady´s profile on has gone missing so it would indicate that this American company is part of the scam

Russian Brides, Russian Ladies, Brides, Russian Women 
Welcome to, a service of Eleview International Inc. ... Fiance's and Eleview International Inc.'s, usage and/or subscription fees were provided to you ...

The first Australian to expose had a friend Dasha in the Ukraine who said about uadreams "And can you imagine? That they have found? my photos and copy them, from such site as odnoklassnik!" so it is possible that the above mentioned ladies have had their identities stolen and are not collaborating in the scam, but rather are victims. Fragov says "she said that most of mails are written by translators, girls don't even know that somebody are sending mails from their accounts" See also

More information here
Olia Simina (Service Assistant) writes

"We also read antiscam sites and are aware of those things that are written by some men. 

We can declare that the majority of the things they state there are not based on reasonable evidences. 

Anyone can join antiscam site and write whatever he wants.

We state that things that are written on that forums are misinterpretation of the facts and have no real evidences and ground.

There are many fake accusations on the account of UaDreams and UALadys and some other agencies as well. As you understand we are UaDreams and have nothing to do with other agencies.

We know those people who write bad things there. Only three of them are our customers.

Three of them are using many dating sites and feel it their life goal to throw mud on agencies like ours.

Our main goal is to help people to meet each other and if it didn't work for somebody we cannot take responsibility for that as relationship depends only on man and woman and we cannot interfere into their feelings."

somova lenusik | Dating fraud protection site

Search for "lenusik somova" - Scambook - Scam Reports, Consumer ... - Estados Unidos - Traducir esta página
ScamBook is a group platform which enables you to resolve complaints and scams through mass awareness and class action protection. Scambook is a 100% ...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Дамы вы, безусловно, заслуживают лучшего обращения, чем вы получаете, и мы надеемся, что в конце концов вы найдете свой единственный

Украинские леди, вы можете доверять вашим переводчиком? Они могут менять содержание Вашего письма, и что мужчины обращаюсь к вам, чтобы вы никогда не встречаются.

Читайте дальше? Нажмите здесь

Google translation to English (not 100%)

Точно так же вы знаете, в Россию ниже
Just so you know In Russian below

by fragov on Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:41 pm & by fragov on Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:59 pm to view original click here

“I had a contact who was working in UA Dreams. And she said that most of mails are written by translators, girls don't even know that somebody are sending mails from their accounts.

On other hand, girls sometimes go to such agencies to get free professional photos. But they have to sign a contract, by which they have to answer on calls, than foreign clients calling them.”

A friend that has visited both ualadys and uadreams ladies received this from one of them after his visit which would seem to concur with what fragov says above
Original here

“Hello xxxxx

I am so sad and even angry to hear such awful news! I do not have any relations with ualadys/uadreams after winter! I had bad relations with that agency, because the director and the owner of agency are not true people! They write letters by themsel without women! I

thought that they removed me from the agency! But they did not do it! And can you imagine? That they have found? my photos and copy them, from such site as odnoklassnik! Do you know about it? It is like ISQ? but here you can find your friends and classmates!

I do not know what to do !

I called to the agency, but secretary said that she did not know anything!

So, I hope that you will believe me!

I do not have reason to lie to you and to write to you through the agency, as I write to you by myself!

We can do an expariment! My favorite flower is white tulip and my favorite food is cheese! Ask these questions to me through the AGENCY! You will see that the answers are not correct!

I hope that you will not write to that unfair agency! They even talk girls do not speak by English, even if you know!


I think in my case the letters were edited both mine and the lady that I was writing to and this would seem to be proved here when I located an employee and ex employee

Dasha Grechka's - Manager at UADreams | LinkedIn Ukraine - Manager at UADreams
Dasha says her job is editing (editing out the parts of the letter that they do not wish either the lady or the man to read and writing) No mention is made of translating and none about the business being a marraige agency.

по фрагов Вс 9 марта 2009 5:41 вечера и по фрагов на Thu Dec 31, 2009 г. 1:59 вечера до посмотреть оригинал нажмите здесь

"У меня был контакт, который работал в UA Dreams. И она говорит, что большинство писем написаны переводчики, девушки даже не знаю, что кто-то посылают почту со своих счетов.

С другой стороны, девушки иногда идти на такие учреждения, чтобы получить бесплатные профессиональные фотографии. Но они должны подписать контракт, по которому они должны отвечать на звонки, чем иностранные клиенты называя их ".

Друг, который посетил оба ualadys и uadreams дамы получили это от одного из них после его визита, который, казалось бы, согласны с тем, что фрагов говорит выше
Оригинал здесь

"Привет ххххх

Я так грустно и даже злым слышать такие ужасные новости! У меня нет никаких отношений с ualadys / uadreams после зимы! Я плохие отношения с этим учреждением, так как директор и владелец агентства не являются истинными людей! Они пишут письма themsel без женщин! Я

мысль, что они удалили меня из агентства! Но они этого не делали! И можете себе представить? То, что они нашли? мои фотографии и скопировать их, из таких сайтов, как odnoklassnik! Знаете ли вы об этом? Это как ISQ? но здесь вы можете найти друзей и одноклассников!

Я не знаю что делать!

Я позвонил в агентство, но секретарь сказала, что она ничего не знала!

Таким образом, я надеюсь, что вы поверите мне!

У меня нет причин лгать вам и обратиться к Вам через агентство, как я пишу к вам сам!

Мы можем сделать expariment! Мой любимый цветок белого тюльпана и моя любимая пища сыр! Задайте эти вопросы ко мне через агентство! Вы увидите, что ответы не правильно!

Я надеюсь, что вы не будете писать, что несправедливо агентство! Они даже говорят девушки не говорят по английски, даже если вы знаете!

Даша "

Я думаю, в моем случае буквы были отредактированы как мои и дамы, что я писал, чтобы и этот, казалось бы, доказал здесь, когда я нашел сотрудника и бывшего сотрудника

Даша Гречка's - менеджер по UADreams | LinkedIn Украина - менеджер по UADreams
(профиль был удален!)
Даша говорит, что ее работа редактирование (редактирование из частей письма, что они не хотят либо дамы или человека для чтения и записи) нет упоминания о переводе и ни о бизнеса, который в брачном агентстве.

Интересно, если она когда-либо говорил о моем предложении брака? - External Holding (Gibraltar) Limited.
26 Main Street, Victoria House, Apt. suites 41/42.

Monday, November 16, 2009

to Venezolano / 13 April 2007 - I hope you won't loose this chance....

From:Irina S. #7536 Simferopol,
Ukraine girl pictures
Date:13 April 2007
Subject: I hope you won't loose this chance....

Hi XXXX. !!!

I am writing to you this full of sincerety and affection letter expecting that you are that very person whom I was searching all my life!! I know that angels are not sleeping, they are on the other side of clouds looking at us and they are waiting with me for your reply:) Stop for a while and read at least that what I am trying to carry to your heart!! I do not know how it's happened that we are so cute guys and still we are not together ...we are alone!! I think we should remedy this situation:)

Do you agree? Actually now everything depends on your decision!!! Would you like to have very sincere, tender, feminine and desirable girl next to you who is really attracted to you??? My dear you can not even imagine how it was difficult for me to make this first step to you!! There is no guaranty that you will answer me but as they say 'Who does not risk that person does not drink a champagne of victory'. So I risked and I hope that my victory is coming closer:) I strongly believe in real love, feeling that wins everything notwithstanding how difficult it can be to reach it!! Do you share my opinion? I know that a lot of people think that love through internet is unreal but I am going to change this opinion !!

I came here to find my destiny nevertheless it is me who makes the first step but still it is up to you to make our correspondence to turn into reality!! Just now I feel lonliness and I need fullfilment in my life. If you sleep I?d like to be next to you just watching you! If you dream I?d like to share your dream with you! And if you are just thinking I?d like those thoughts to be about me!.... My dear if you reply me be sure I am able to make our life happier and we will take all advantages of the life!!!!!!!

Hope that you will pay attention on me and we will celebarte the birth of new feeling on this world with champagne of Victory:)

I hope you won't loose this chance ....

With best wishes to you,


to Venezolano / 17 October 2007 - Nobody but you can change my world!

From:Stacy A. #7571 Simferopol, Ukraine girl pictures
Date:17 October 2007
Subject:Nobody but you can change my world!

My dear XXXX. !!!

Have you ever felt the tenderness of a little kitten who just appeared into this world and trust you as you are his protector? It is really amazing the way we human beings feel when we want to feel ourselves safe and under protection, as that little kitten, who needs a warmth and tenderness of the people around him, and feel himself safe when see that somebody takes care of him! I am dreaming about being your downy little kitten, who wants to surrender to your brave and strong hands, which will hold me very tightly and never let me go. I am dreaming about giving you all the warmth of the heart which I am keeping for all these years, and I am keeping it for you.

My dear, I want to be in your hands and to loose my mind, to forget about everything in the world, just to sink in the ocean of tenderness and felicity and rolling myself up into a ball, I want to dream on your shoulder as a little mouse! I want you to sense me as you feel the first sun rays in the morning, when you breath the cold fresh morning air, and you luxuriate in the silk bed linen, and these rays make your bed warm and comfortable, and nothing but bliss comes to your body and heart! I am dreaming about appearing next to you at such moments, your little tender kitten wants to share this fond minutes of the early morning with you....only with you! Love? Happiness? Understanding? What is it? Is it possible to feel yourself totally in love????

A lot of questions...I know, but we have the whole life to find out the answers... You know I feel myself as that blind kitten with the closed eyes, and I can't see anything, but have a great desire to feel everything deep in my heart! Will you become a guide for your little kitten? Will you lead me to unknown and undiscovered life? Will you show me all the delights of the world we are living? Your fluffy squirrel needs your help......

Will you help? I send you the piece of my heart....

Your Stacy