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Monday, November 9, 2009

Advice - If you suspect, or have been scammed?

Example of an American Citizen and a dating agency in the Ukraine

Under both US and Ukrainian law anyone who benefits financially from a scam whether they are aware of it or not is complicit and are obligated to make corrections or risk being named in criminal and civil suits. This applies to both the credit card company and their credit card processor that benefit financially.

US federal authorities take a dim view of foreign enterprises, especially online ones, scamming US citizens. Sometimes when this occurs according to reliable sources, the best and most effective tactic is to go after the money, meaning their credit card processing gateways. The processors have way to much at stake to allow a scammer to ensnare them in their web of lies, and they cannot escape the long arm of the FBI if they ever hope to do business with US financial institutions.

It is possibly best to advise your credit card company and the online dating agencies credit card processor at the same time as reporting it to the Ukrainian police (or the country where the suspected fraud originates) and the National police force in your country.

Do not just leave your bad luck experience in a Forum - Report it to the appropriate authorities.

Ukraine - Prosecution information - - Украина - преследования информации
Ladies if you did not write this letter to me please advise me in the comments
Дамы, если вы не писали это письмо Джон, пожалуйста, сообщите ему в комментариях. (письмо в компанию без женской знаний / поддельные профили) has this report on them if you are interested
Maybe a good job that I did not reply to any of these ladies


  1. John,
    Thank you, again, and again, for the help and the link to this blog. You have given me a great hope that I may be able to recover funds given to my lover scam artist through Western Union. I gave Western Union a chance to help me but was turned away when I only wanted to know where my money had been picked up. It seemed to me that Western Union was more concerned about protecting the scammer's location and or identity than helping me, the person who was victim to this hideous crime.
    Anyway, John, thank you again.

    1. Thanks for good Post John N.
      All See: