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Friday, November 6, 2009

01 September 2008 - Step by step

Step by step
From: Alexandra K. #8031 Alexandra from Donetsk, Ukraine girl pictures
To: john n.
Date: 01 September 2008
Subject: Step by step

This letter was translated for Alexandra K. by Marina S.

Hi, john

Somebody said that love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss... Ok, I start with a smile.

I like the magical beauty of the first step when two parts try to reduce the distance between them. I intent do it each time I fall in love. I try to do it in proper way but nevertheless something important always remains. I`m tired and want to have a man who will help me to get rid of waiting and loneliness. Let it be so!

As for me I`m very active and communicative person who tries to pay attention of people of different ages I adore making new friends and my natural beauty helps me. I visit many places where I can meet by chance many iteresting people only just to speak with them and have a lot of fun. My dream is to write my own record. In my leisure time I make my best and practice a lot. When I`m at home I can`t imagine doing something without singing.

I'm still alone and willing to find a clever, communicative, tasteful man. I don't care about his appearance. I want to have a lot of common with him. I want the sparkle of his soul which will stuck in my heart provoke a volcano of dreams and desires. And a fiery flower of everlasting passion and love will grow in it!!!

I hope... I dream... I desire...


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