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Monday, November 16, 2009

to Venezolano / 26 July 2008 - Feel... touch... enjoy...

From: Victoria S. #7741
To: Venezolano
Date: 26 July 2008
Subject: Feel... touch... enjoy...


Hello dear XXX !

Have you ever taste a dawn which slips through the window of your room to your bed, awakes you and inspire you with a gulp of energy for all day. And first sun rays which warm you, which bring you happyness, joy and warm.

Oh! Look at the sky! It's your first friend and support. It rains when you are sad in order you wouldn't feel so lonely. It greets you with sun shine in the morning and cover you with soft blanket when you are going for a sleep. It sings you a song of a winds, of a winds all aorund the world in order to favour you with a wisdom of the universe, in order to give you a sense of life, hope, desire and adventure for the next day, to inspire you for writing poems, song and even novels. Because your life is one big and compelling novel which you create by yourself.

Have you ever contemplate how human body moves during the dance? I can compare it with all elemental forces, with work of art which was described by a great number of artists and poets. With the help of the dance you can express such things that you 'll never express with the help of the words. Dance may be as passionate and hot as a fire, as light and fresh as an air, as fast and changeable as a water, as generous and careful as earth. I know for sure.

I could count such a simple but simultaniously difficult things for ever and ever. Haven't you seen them? Haven't you touch them? Do you think that it is a fantasy? No, it is real things that surrounds you. You can see them if you are in love. I'll show you if you want.

I'm waiting for your respond!

Warmly, Victoria!

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