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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

15 December 2007 - Wishing I could find you .....


Lidiya P. #8135
  john n
  15 December 2007

  Wishing I could find you .....
-->Lidiya from Donetsk, Ukraine girl pictures

This letter was translated for Lidiya P. by Marina S. 

Dear John, 

It happened that from ancient times one person has been searching for his own second half in this world. And an unknown inside voice is leading him to his fate inventing more and more ways of telling about true feelings in that way that has been never used before and has stayed unique up to this very day. 

I'm not a dreamer but sometimes that feeling of loneliness makes me do something, makes me send away those unpleasant thoughts and think only about good ones. I only wish I knew the secret of my only one. I mean that I don't know where he lives and how he looks like but I'm sure my heart will not deceive me. But the only thing I know for sure that is that the voice of hope appeared after meeting you on this site. And if you feel the same just tell me and we'll try our chance that can be one in thousand but still it is and I don't want to lose it. Do you? 

When people ask me what can make me happy I always wait a little and then give them a list of what I adore to do. I think that nothing can be more pleasant than having a rest on fresh air with your nearest people. In order to keep fit I go swimming and dancing. Unfortunately I have lack of spare time and that's why I bought the disk with belly- dance. I push the bottom on my DVD and let's dance!!!!!! I'm a nurse and it also takes a lot of my time to make the plans for holidays for children. 

I hope to hear from you soon. 

Best wishes, 


Friends and Lovers

October 7 individuals rarely show all aspects of their nature to any one person. This is not to mislead but because they are insecure about their feelings. It may also be difficult for them to be honest with a lover unless they feel unparalleled closeness. They look for a soul mate, not just a partner.

Between 23 December 2007 and May 2009 I wrote to this lady 80 times and received 80 letters from her

Or were they from her? Were they from a man in the uadreams Donetsk office or a woman employee? I ask this as all requests to meet were countered by excuses such as being in Germany working. Was she a married woman that had lent her photos to uadreams? see If they were from her were the translators censoring our letters to one another and changing content so that we would never meet? Scamming both Lidiya and myself in the name of DOLLARS also see

Before writing to a Ukrainian lady read this for your own good -
20 January 2011 Google Search for the lady

Lidiya from Donetsk 27 years, Ukranian girl for marriage

Person with ID 8135 not found in our database! Home · Agency · Merry Christmas · Our mission · Testimonials · Branches · Marriages · Parade of brides ... - Estados Unidos - En caché
however the heading on this page is
 "Lidiya 29 years, Russian girl for marriage | Dating Agency UaDreams:"
so have they blocked my browser for this profile if this is possible? 

create a file with name .htaccess
 order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

 So who were the 80 letters from?

John Nichols Cortijo Milenium El Brosque 29312 Villanueva del Rosario Málaga Spain  
+ 34 952031010

Период с 23 декабря 2007 года и мае 2009 года я писал эту даму в 80 раз и получил 80 писем от ее

Или они были от нее? Были ли они от человека, в офисе uadreams Донецк или женщина сотрудника? Я задаю этот вопрос, как все запросы для удовлетворения было противопоставить оправдания таких как в рабочих Германии. Была она замужняя женщина, которая одолжила ее фотографии uadreams? см. Если бы они были у нее были переводчики цензуры наши письма друг другу и изменение содержания так, что мы бы никогда не встретиться ? Мошенничество как Лидия и я во имя ДОЛЛАРОВ см. также

Перед записью Украинская леди читать это для вашего же блага -
другой несчастный (внешний Холдинг Gibraltar) Limited. клиент

20 января 2011 Google Search для леди

Лидия из Донецка 27 лет, украинская девушка для вступления в брак
  - [Переведите Esta Página]
Человек с ID 8135 не найден в нашей базе данных! Главная · Агентства · Рождеством · Наша миссия · Отзывы · отделения · Браки · Парад невест ... - Estados Unidos - En caché

  Так кто же были письма от 80?

John Nichols El Brosque 29312 Villanueva del Rosario Spain
Telephone – 00 34 952031010 / 660056527 
Если вы когда-нибудь понадобится мне принцесса


  1. It could be that the lady in question requested that her profile be removed. (I do not blame her for this request and trust that a lot more ladies will follow her example if she requested removal)

    It could be that External Holding (Gibraltar) Limited removed the lady´s profile in advance of questioning by law enforcement officers

  2. the lady in question has nothing to fear from me as I feel that she is also a victim of this agency

    Дама в вопросе не имеет ничего бояться меня, поскольку я чувствую, что она также является жертвой этого агентства