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Ladies possibly forced to write to every man that writes to her
and the men encouraged to write to more than one lady. The men are under the impression that the site is for marriage purposes but we are not sure what the ladies think the purpose of the site is - maybe just pen pal or chat but not for marriage!
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Friday, November 6, 2009

to capture your heart - 24 October 2008

to capture your heart
From: Tamila K. #5798 Tamila from Kremenchug, Ukraine girl pictures
To: john n.
Date: 24 October 2008
Subject: to capture your heart


Dear John, I don't want to encroach upon your time, so I need just few minutes. Don't you mind? Hope no, and I will try to not dissapoint you.

When I came to the agency I was full of hopes that they will help me. But I had met two girs here, they are also the clients of this agency. They are young, beautiful and have a lot of chances to capture all men's hearts.

To be frank I was a little bit upset. I am not young and just can dream about that time, the time of carefree youth...

But then I thought, I have a lot of advantages too!!! I am a real woman!!! I am experienced and know what the man want. I could be a good partner of the life! I am a good housewife, friend, and I still have a lot of love in my heart and passion in my soul... I am very active and feel myself very young!!!

I take a look at your profile and it seems to me that you are pretty serious in your intensions, am I right? So, if you wish to find a woman who is ready to change her life and is not affraid of these changes, do the right choice! I will not muzz you, as I am ready to try, what about you??? I dream to capture your heart...

Tenderest regards


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