´s business plan is based on the pro-dater.
Ladies possibly forced to write to every man that writes to her
and the men encouraged to write to more than one lady. The men are under the impression that the site is for marriage purposes but we are not sure what the ladies think the purpose of the site is - maybe just pen pal or chat but not for marriage!
this article will define pro-dating - Совет / Advice
We have been advised that is planning a class action together with a Kiev lawyer against and that the tax authorities are interested - Please Help Ukraine

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Australian exposes on Delphi. Julia or Stefani Reiner from Sumy

Австралийское выставляет на Delphi. Lenusik Сомова или Лена Smiya от Zaporozhyie?

 Here a non-exhaustive list of girls that i found, you will notice that they use a fake name on

Anastasia Ostapovich (PrettyNasya) on Twitter

The latest from Anastasia Ostapovich (@PrettyNasya). Россия,Омск.
Julia from Sumy
become Stefani Reiner (not sure if she has a boyfriend)
Jane from Sumy
become Evgenia Dyuzhenko (has a boyfriend)

Halya from Ivanofrankovsk
become Galya Guzilyak (has a boyfriend)

Lenusik (photo removed at the request of the victim from Holland)
 Lenusik (Somova on id: 124492) from zaporozhyie (my favourite lol)
become Lena Smiya (has a boyfriend)

also see

Dating scammer Lena Smian

This news has destroyed a person writing to her, especially after´s Olia Simina assured him that they were a legitimate agency (see below). There are many other victims. If the agency lie about their ladies names ask yourself what else do they lie about? (We are advised that this lady´s profile on has gone missing so it would indicate that this American company is part of the scam

Russian Brides, Russian Ladies, Brides, Russian Women 
Welcome to, a service of Eleview International Inc. ... Fiance's and Eleview International Inc.'s, usage and/or subscription fees were provided to you ...

The first Australian to expose had a friend Dasha in the Ukraine who said about uadreams "And can you imagine? That they have found? my photos and copy them, from such site as odnoklassnik!" so it is possible that the above mentioned ladies have had their identities stolen and are not collaborating in the scam, but rather are victims. Fragov says "she said that most of mails are written by translators, girls don't even know that somebody are sending mails from their accounts" See also

More information here
Olia Simina (Service Assistant) writes

"We also read antiscam sites and are aware of those things that are written by some men. 

We can declare that the majority of the things they state there are not based on reasonable evidences. 

Anyone can join antiscam site and write whatever he wants.

We state that things that are written on that forums are misinterpretation of the facts and have no real evidences and ground.

There are many fake accusations on the account of UaDreams and UALadys and some other agencies as well. As you understand we are UaDreams and have nothing to do with other agencies.

We know those people who write bad things there. Only three of them are our customers.

Three of them are using many dating sites and feel it their life goal to throw mud on agencies like ours.

Our main goal is to help people to meet each other and if it didn't work for somebody we cannot take responsibility for that as relationship depends only on man and woman and we cannot interfere into their feelings."

somova lenusik | Dating fraud protection site

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