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Monday, November 16, 2009

To Venezolano / 21 December 2007 - What is waiting for us next page? Maybe love?

From:Anastacia Z. #7677 Anastacia from Simferopol
Date:21 December 2007
Subject:What is waiting for us next page? Maybe love?

Hello my Dear XXX. !!!

It has happened in this way that we are still alone and that we both dream to find our love, to open our hearts, to trust to each other and to start happy family life. I realise that all people are so different and it should be very very difficult to find a Person who can be all for you, who can be your soul and fairy tale. Fairy tales make us travel to another world where everything is possible and this is a world of reality reflection. I can tell you one of my favourite where you can see my point of view on human relationships. There is an opinion that earth and fire can't stay together. Either fire can burn earth or Earth can put out fire.But it has happened in such a way that earth and fire have met each other.Fire-flaming,hot-tempered,quick-tempered young man and earth-black calm and quite young girl. And earth fell in love with him even not knowing about it and she couldn't find a reason why did she fallin love with him. For what reasons was it possible to fall in love with such a proud-hearted and haughty young man?But who knows may be this was the exact reason she felt in love with him.And fire was just playing with her for a long time, not showing her his feelings, or may be he just didn't have them...

He touched her cool dark cheek with his passionate hand.And she was cuddling tenderly in his arms. But once fire behaved in a meanness way he betrayed her.He betrayed this being who loved him from the depth of her heart.And with whom he betrayed her...with a temporary sparkle, what born and die in her fickleness. Sometimes it can make a fire, but sometimes just flashing in the darkness.And earth got know about all this, she got know and was suffering for a long time. She was crying with her black waters, she was sobbing with landslides, became furious with her fluds. And fire in his turn couldn't even approach her, because she was full of water, how simular are these two elements-water and earth. And fire in a gloomy way start to die out, he was dieing out realising that soon he will lose his Beloved.That she can leave him for eternity and never come back.But she forgave him, forgave inspite all his mistakes and sins. She found power in her soul to be strong and to look in his eyes. And for the first time she noticed there what she has never seen there before.She was looking in his eyes many times in past but saw only smirk and histrionics, because there was nothing in them before.And now she found there faithfullness, understanding, one word it is love...vast and pure love. Exactly what earth was waiting from him fro such a long time.And now they stayed for all their life together, and understanding and reciprocity became their best friends. 
I hope to find love in your heart and to have pure and vast feeling in our hearts what can become one...and stay happy together.Do you want the same? Let's try...and see what happens! Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Sweetness...


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