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Monday, November 16, 2009

To Venezolano / 20 April 2007 - Will you accept my invitation:)?

From:Anita K. #7716 Anita from Simferopol
Date:20 April 2007
Subject:Will you accept my invitation:)?

Hello XXXX. !!!

I was always wondering what is this that makes two persons pay more attention to each other than to the rest of the people he or she met during their life. This is an eternal riddle that a lot of people keep asking themselves. I guess this is one of the best kept secrets of our planet:) I was thinking that the possible answer to this can be everlasting desire of every person to be happy and to find their true fellings. What do you think about it? Am I right? Or may be it is a special chemistry that comes to motion when two of the most necessary components are finally close to each other:)?I was thinking from where comes this particular special spark that appeares between two hearts when they find each other?!

Where does it go after some period of time?! How would you name this spark? Passion? Desire to be loved and to love? In the run of life I saw many couples dating each other and then suddenly breaking apart. The strange thing is that all of them become unhappy with this but no one wants to admit that they were not right and to forgive. I consider that the ability to forgive is one of the most important qualities of a person. Life cannot be always only joy and happiness. What we can do is try be able to forget the offends in our relations and to forgive dear to us people. If we cannot forgive, our hearts accumulate this non positive emotions and all in all stop responding to any kinds of feeling that are to be living inside of everyone's soul!!! I don't want my heart to miss this spark that is just a sign of the forthcoming hot burning flame of deep passionate feelings! I wish we both didn't miss our flame:)

I see that now more and more women are trying to become independent and then complain they don't recieve any attention from men. Women are striving to be more mannish, with more power in their hands. They are forgetting what they were born for.


I do believe this and this is my life principle. But meanwhile this is what modern women are thoroughly trying to elicit from their memory. They want to be strong and independent. And they are lost between their desires to have love and to be closed to all the feelings in order to make a career. I don not agree with such women. I think a real woman should always be a presentation of spring and love. A real woman shoul take care of her husband and children. She needs the support and love of her husband! I am a real woman and I want to be so with the man I choose to be my secon half. I want to give him all my love, my care, my heart... I want to be a real woman that feels secure beeing proteted by her real man!!! I do believe only in this way it is possible to create a happy loving family.

They say, 'Woman is an invitation to happiness!' I am inviting you to our happiness!!!

Waiting for your reply


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