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Monday, November 16, 2009

to Venezolano / 17 October 2007 - Nobody but you can change my world!

From:Stacy A. #7571 Simferopol, Ukraine girl pictures
Date:17 October 2007
Subject:Nobody but you can change my world!

My dear XXXX. !!!

Have you ever felt the tenderness of a little kitten who just appeared into this world and trust you as you are his protector? It is really amazing the way we human beings feel when we want to feel ourselves safe and under protection, as that little kitten, who needs a warmth and tenderness of the people around him, and feel himself safe when see that somebody takes care of him! I am dreaming about being your downy little kitten, who wants to surrender to your brave and strong hands, which will hold me very tightly and never let me go. I am dreaming about giving you all the warmth of the heart which I am keeping for all these years, and I am keeping it for you.

My dear, I want to be in your hands and to loose my mind, to forget about everything in the world, just to sink in the ocean of tenderness and felicity and rolling myself up into a ball, I want to dream on your shoulder as a little mouse! I want you to sense me as you feel the first sun rays in the morning, when you breath the cold fresh morning air, and you luxuriate in the silk bed linen, and these rays make your bed warm and comfortable, and nothing but bliss comes to your body and heart! I am dreaming about appearing next to you at such moments, your little tender kitten wants to share this fond minutes of the early morning with you....only with you! Love? Happiness? Understanding? What is it? Is it possible to feel yourself totally in love????

A lot of questions...I know, but we have the whole life to find out the answers... You know I feel myself as that blind kitten with the closed eyes, and I can't see anything, but have a great desire to feel everything deep in my heart! Will you become a guide for your little kitten? Will you lead me to unknown and undiscovered life? Will you show me all the delights of the world we are living? Your fluffy squirrel needs your help......

Will you help? I send you the piece of my heart....

Your Stacy

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