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Friday, November 6, 2009

28 October 2008 - From an angel into the tigress, from the heaven into the fire..... Life is soooo different :)

From an angel into the tigress, from the heaven into the fire..... Life is soooo different :)
From: Lina K. #7809 Lina from Simferopol, Ukraine girl pictures
To: john n
Date: 28 October 2008
Subject: From an angel into the tigress, from the heaven into the fire..... Life is soooo different :)


Hello, dear john!

Welcome in my life, my long-expected, I know you are brought to me by the angels, and I would be happy to cover you with my white wings and do not let you fly away.....

I am Lina, an angel of spring, a person for love, and a woman of passion. If you ask me to describe me in several words, I would say these words :) I am very tender, like a cat wanting soft touches, pleasant words, endearment, tiny sweet kisses along the my body, making my heart shiver form the excitement of what is going on to be next ;)!

And next?! I become a tigress, so be careful to fall into my clutches ;). Step by step you will appear in a very serious danger, making you forget about everything what worries you, everything what you are thinking about, even your name, because in such minutes only me will be in your thoughts, and I will occupy all your sight, your mind, I will not let any thought to come into your mind, as it will be only the thought about me.... The breathe is fast, the eyes are half-closed, the lips are looking for some strange and unknown excitement, as they do not know what will be next second, the heart beats like a clock in the main square of the city, telling the time, and the arms are ready to embrace the whole world, which is ME...I am ready to become the whole world for my man.....

The first rays of the sun in the morning, and it is a smell of the coffee at home, which fills every room, and it tickles your nose, making you wake up, and when you do it, you see a cup of a very tasty coffee next to my smile, and my eyes were looking with a great desire and appreciation at you while you were sleeping....

And I am your angel again :)

This is me, this is the nature of my world I live in. I want to share it only with a man who is ready to accept everything I can give to him!

As it will be a really big present ;)

Let's say 'no' to the loneliness, and 'yes' to the new feelings which are waiting for us, we only must find them!!!



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