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Friday, November 6, 2009

19 October 2008 - Let's make our first step together and we will open the beautiful and undiscovered life full of

Let's make our first step together and we will open the beautiful and undiscovered life full of
From: Irina K. #7756 Irina from Simferopol, Ukraine girl pictures
To: john n.
Date: 19 October 2008
Subject: Let's make our first step together and we will open the beautiful and undiscovered life full of


To the man I was looking for so long time

Hello john!

It is rain...Very cold and heavy rain, and I am alone in the street, walking to nowhere without any purpose and sense for life! Cold and sharp drops of rain beat my body and I see them flowing down on my dress and body and it makes me feel lonely! I keep on walking...there is nobody outside and all people stay at their homes, in warm and friendly atmosphere of a family where they feel the deep love and respect and they are in need!

The road is wet and numerous puddles wet my feet! I feel like the cold reaches my heart from the feet, and I can't sense anything since this time! My life is empty, I don't have anybody to take care about me, to take me away from this awful lonely street and to bring a cup of hot tea, and whisper sweet nothings into my ear! And what I see now is some lights in the windows of the multistory houses which are standing like a huge giants, the witnesses of my spoiled life, my loneliness! The trees have lost their leaves a long time ago and they turned from the majestic creatures of nature into pity-looking outline of the real beautiful plant! I feel that we have a lot in common with them... and it is funny for me!

A sweet and wonderful music, a solo on the violin....What is it? Is it my mind or a real music which comes from somewhere I can't hear well! My heart starts melting, because only a music and love can recover it from the sadness and loneliness! I wonder about that musician who creates these amazing sounds, who could wake me up from the dull spirit, who has brought me to life? It is you, my dear stranger, and I realized that you have been living in my heart for all my life, and now I am as close to you as ever!

Let's write our own melody of life, a real and strong love! The whole world should listen to it, and we will become a great example of a true love, which we have found here!

You are my musician!!! And let me become yours, and together we will perform our splendid love song!

May be I am that special lady who will change your life and fill it with the ocean of romanticism?! Let's try...


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